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Happiness depends more on the inward disposition of mind than on outward circumstances.

Benjamin Franklin

Our System

Whole Health Consulting is an integrative wellness practice specializing in the treatment of behavioral health issues. We recognize that navigating through the complexities of these issues can be a painful and discouraging experience, and the limited availability of treatment options can often compound an already difficult situation.  We give people options that can be utilized in place of, or as a supplement to standardized means of care.  In addition, our well rounded approach to treatment draws from a number of methods from across the spectrum of professional health fields in order to provide a truly integrative and functional model of care. 

A major strength of our approach is that we focus on treatments that address the whole person.  It is most often a combination of both physiological and psychological factors that cause or exacerbate behavioral health concerns. Since the causes of these disruptions are often multi-faceted, it makes sense that any effective treatment approach would be as well. At Whole Health Consulting we use a combination of approaches, which addresses the physical, psychological and emotional aspects of health. The result is that our clients experience a level of healing that is both complete and long lasting.

Our integrative techniques are complemented by our functional approach to care. We address the underlying causes, rather than simply treating symptoms. We recognize each client’s biochemical individuality. Every person who is experiencing a disruption in mental health is not necessarily experiencing it for the same reason; because of this, standardized approaches to treatment often leave patients with less than ideal outcomes. Our whole health approach promotes an individual’s future health and happiness and lends itself to the best possible outcomes.