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Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.

-Chinese Proverb

Classes / Groups

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A Joyful and Practical Approach to Managing Pain, Chronic Illness and Disability
Fall 2016 Date TBD

Synopsis of group:

This will be run as an open group, members are not required, but encouraged to show up weekly. Participants can start at any time they choose and attend at whatever frequency is comfortable/manageable for their situation. While weekly attendance is not required it is encouraged for the benefit of both individuals participants and the strength of the group. This is a no pressure atmosphere group, however it is better to be sick/in pain in a supportive environment than sick/in pain alone at home. The goal is to have enough people in the group so that if someone is unable to make a group and still needs the support they will always have someone to reach out to via phone. 

Group Goals:

  • Create a supportive community of people dealing with chronic pain, illness and/or disability. The group will be a way to connect with other people struggling with similar issues. The goal of creating a supportive community not unlike AA where there is always someone to reach out to if you are in need. Chronic Pain Anonymous is the only organization that has this kind of community and there is currently no presence in Marin. This group will have components of that type of support, but also an strong educational component, which sets it apart and strengthens the model.
  • Learning how to self-coach. The only way to move forward is through positive action.  Learning how make changes is a skill in itself. This group will contain a coaching component where participants will learn how to make small changes in their lives that will move them in a forward and positive direction, rather than keeping them stuck in the past.
  • Fun! One of the best antidotes to pain is laughter, pleasure and fun. The general theme of the group will be upbeat and positive. Participants can choose to use tools such as a “laughter” book where they record jokes, cartoons, stories, pictures, or anything that makes them and others laugh. Funny stories from everyday life will be encouraged. Our lives are more than pain, illness and disability, lets focus on that! I have a new puppy and colorful mother who both provides me with endless amusing anecdotes.
  • Learning how to calm down the nervous system. Chronic pain warps the way our bodies work. Learning how to calm the body can decrease the frequency and intensity of your pain. Relaxation exercises including diaphragmatic breathing, progressive relaxation, guided imagery, mindfulness based stressed reduction can all be explored.
  • Tools on healthy living to ease pain. Taking care of your physical self is as important as taking care of your mind. Subjects may include tips on nutrition, sleep hygiene, exercise, proper medical care, and self care. (Subject to participant interest and time).
  • Tools on managing emotions. This would including learning how to reframe negative thinking, shift perspective, focus on the positive and learning to see the world through eyes of joy rather than eyes of pain and suffering.
  • Learning how to navigate through the medical world as your own best advocate. 
Introduction to Whole Health: Free
Please contact us for the next class date.

Have you been struggling to overcome a health problem? Have you experienced anxiety or depression or stress that has never really goes away? Do you struggle with excess weight and lack of energy? If so come learn about a new approach that can help you feel better than you ever thought possible. This FREE class will introduce you to a new and powerful system that will put you on the path to health and happiness. Come to to this workshop for healthy snacks, new tools and a plan of action.

Food and Mood, $55
Please contact us for the next class date.

What you eat can have a powerful impact on your mood. This class will teach you about the role of nutrition in mood and cognition, and what you can do to have a more brain friendly diet. Participants will walk away with not only newfound knowledge of nutrition, but also practical steps which will help you make changes that will benefit both mind and body. This class is a one day class and will be offered two times in the Fall at the dates listed above. The cost for the class is $55.

Natural Approaches to Healing Depression, $395
Please contact us for the next class date.

A 6-week intensive integrative group that addresses depression through education, lifestyle and dietary changes, cognitive behavioral work and group support. Included in the price is a one-hour individual consultation with founder Nikki Schwartz. This workshop is appropriate for people experiencing mild to moderate levels of depression.

Mind/Body Approaches to Weight Management, $295
Please contact us for the next class date.

This 6-week workshop will teach you healthy ways to lose weight, and keep it off in the context of a supportive and fun environment. Healthy and sustained weight loss is about a lot more than the old calories in and calories out model. This class will addressed topics including: healthy body image; metabolism boosting nutrition; problems with yo-yo dieting and long term weight loss; the effect of stress on weight; and lifestyle issues such as exercise and sleep and what they have to do with weight loss.

Integrative Practices for Stress Management, $295
Please contact us for the next class date.

This 4-week workshop will teach you how stress affects the body, and skills to successfully deal with your stress. Excess stress can have an impact on both our physical and psychological well-being. This class educates you on how techniques such as relaxation practices, working with thoughts/emotions, nutrition and sleep skills can help reduce stress and anxiety and improve health and happiness.